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Company Jasněna Vláhová was established by its owner in 1992. But the first experiences in selling the watches and clocks came into being in 1990, when Mrs. Jasněna Vláhová with her husband were approaching first business contacts with sellers of watches, clocks and jewelry all around Czechoslovakia.

Business based on fair play and service to the customers succeeded and because they were hungry for independence from all producers of the goods, in 1993 Lacerta was established. Lacerta has been being made since the very beginning in the residence of the business in Nové Město nad Metují.

In 1994 as an alternative product was founded JVD that stays for “Jasněna Vláhová Design”, which was meant to be for other watches and clocks assortment. At first only watches and alarm clocks were made. Today this brand-name is well known in whole Middle Europe and includes completed offer of watches and clocks for all sellers of watches and clocks.

In 1997 a sub company Jasněna Vláhová in Slovakia was established and is situated in Ivanovice by Trenčín.

The business and the number of customers was increasing so in 2005 we decided to build a new place of business in Přibyslav close to Nové Město nad Metují after we had seen it on Swiss mountain manufactories. In 2008 we inaugurated our new place that is robust foul territory for our reliable employees.

We are currently supplying the goods to Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland.


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