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Kukučkových Hönes Uhren GmbH clock manufacturer.

Already in early childhood, I made my first Schwarzwaldskú an hour. Love and passion to kukučkovým hours have become my profession. In 1984, I took over the company and perfected and launched new projects.

Black Forest Region, which is located near the world famous Lake is famous for the tradition of the production of kukučkových hours Titsee for centuries. The philosophy of the company is high-quality work using the best products that are rezbárska our hours of precision and a unique design.

Thanks to the combination of the design, creativity, functionality and the love to detail improving hours is the epitome of a job well done in the Black Forest, which is appreciated all over the world to our customers. The satisfaction of our customers is the basis for the success of our hours.

Time will not stop, and so in addition to our classic products we also offer innovative features.

The name is known all over the world the quality of Schwarzwaldu Hönes.

Wolfgang Trenkle Director


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products on the site