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The company was founded in 1894 Haas & Rombach. In the past, was selected for the production of the good, which is in the middle of the village in the Black Forest, Schonach was.

Soon became a hub for the production of kukučkových for hours and so is Schonach. During the two world wars, the production of kukučkových hours, but only suspended shortly after the production was again restored.

For the whole decade of work, we managed to build up a good reputation in terms of quality in the black forest. Special watches that are made by us, are unique in their design and quality.

Ingolf Haas is now the head of the fourth-generation owner of the company, and manages the company with his wife Conny Haas. Cuckoo clocks by Rombach & Haas feature high quality and attention to detail.

Cuckoo clock by manually shutting down for the night have a Haas & Rombach.


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products on the site