Terms and Conditions

Shopping items on our website may be legal and natural persons, subject to the rules below.


1. Consumer orders products and services of the seller by means of a trading system at the www.kukuckovehodiny.sk in writing: by email, (including through the e-shop orders), by post.

This order shall be deemed binding and is carried out in accordance with Act No. 108/2000 Coll. as amended and regulations understood as a contract concluded at a distance.

2. For each order, the consumer must indicate the name and last name, mailing and billing addresses, telephone and fax number, e-mail address; natural or legal person, as well as REGISTRATION NUMBER, VAT NUMBER, VAT NUMBER, business name, description of the goods, the quantity of the goods, the date of issue of the order, (order via e-shop to satisfy those conditions automatically).

This information will be in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data no. 428/2002 Coll., used only in the context of the business relationship between the seller and the consumer and will not be disclosed

4. Mode of transport depends on the manufacturer of the goods and the carrier has entered into a contract. 

5. The amount of the cost of transport will always be communicated to the consumer in order to verify, where appropriate, advise the seller to the consumer, cheaper option.

3. Download item

1. The consumer undertakes to take over the goods at the agreed time at the address indicated on the order.

2. When you download the product, the consumer is obliged to check the physical integrity and completeness of the consignment. If a consignment is visibly damaged and destroyed, the consumer is obliged to immediately contact the seller and the lot without having to write down the Registration of the damage to the consignment by the transmitting Agency. Any subsequent complaints on quantity and physical violation of the product will not be accepted.

3. The consumer acquires the ownership rights to the products until full payment of the prices and other monetary amounts agreed in the contract at a distance (n)and the seller's account. By the time the transition of ownership from the seller to the consumer that the product has been in the possession of, the customer has all the obligations of the depositary and to the products and services at their own expense to safely keep and tag them, so that in all circumstances, identifiable as the product seller.

4. The seller is entitled to demand fulfilment of commitments, in particular the reimbursement prices for products and services, and regardless of the fact that the ownership of the product and the service has not yet been updated to the consumer.

5. The risk of damage to the products shall pass to the consumer at the time of the consumer or his authorised representative.

4. withdrawal from the contract

1. The consumer is entitled to cancel the order without charge, and it's only day 1. contact the seller with the consumer, i.e. on the day when the order is verified by the consumer. It is possible to reverse the order exclusively in written form (fax, e-mail).

2. The consumer is entitled, without specifying the reasonwithdraw from the contract within 7 working days from the date of receipt of goods. Withdrawal from the contract shall be made in writing, shall contain all the data used to identify the product, the consumer and the seller and must be received within the time limit referred to above, together with the product to the headquarters of the seller at the expense and responsibility of the consumer. The costs of returning the product shall be borne by the consumer.

The product must not be damaged, to be used, it must be in its original packaging together with the product and the consumer must transmit all documents relating to the product in question (instruction manual, warranty card, proof of entry, etc.), which he received when you buy it. Customer agrees and acknowledges that in writing, in this case means the instrument of withdrawal from the purchase contract signed by the consumer.

The product is not refundable on delivery. This sent the product and back.

3. In compliance with the above obligations, the seller takes back the goods to the consumer, within 15 days from the date of termination of the contract and the price paid for the product or service, or the advance paid by the consumer for the product or service to the consumer in advance agreed way back returns.

4. The buyer may not withdraw from the purchase contract concluded at a distance, in particular in the following cases:

and if the Treaty, which is a part) and the provision of a service, where the service began to perform with the consent of the consumer before the expiry of the period of withdrawal from the contract
(b) if the terms of the contract), the sale of a product or services whose price is dependent on price fluctuations in the financial market, which the seller cannot affect the
(c) if the terms of the contract, the object of which is) product sales made to the specific requirements of the consumer or product intended specifically for one of the consumer, or the product in relation to its properties cannot be returned

5. In the case of acceptance of the requirements of the consumer to withdraw from the contract after a period of 7 working days, the seller has the right to demand reimbursement of the costs incurred and a contractual penalty in the amount of 20% of the invoice (issued) an amount of money.

6. The seller reserves the right to cancel the order (to withdraw from the contract) or any part thereof if:
and the product is discontinued or no longer manufactured)
(b)), the price of the product's supplier
(c) exposed to the price of the product was faulty)

5. warranty and service

1. The specific warranty and service terms and conditions are set out in the guarantee letter of the selected products that the consumer receives when buying a product.

2. In General, as in the letters of guarantee unless otherwise stated, is the warranty period for the implementation of the consumer contracts set for at least 24 months or by date of the product. The consumer is the person who, in the conclusion and execution of consumer contract does not act within the scope of its business or any other business activity. Any product purchased and paid for by the seller. In the application of the consumer is obliged to submit a claim (in so far as the nature of the product makes it possible to built up) advertised the product clean, mechanically intact, in the original packaging, including manuals, warranty certificate, invoice, or other proof of payment to the seller of the product. In the application of the consumer complaints is governed by the guidelines set out in the guarantee statement.

3. Entitlement to the warranty shall lapse in the event that an error was mechanical damage of the product, the product operating in unsuitable conditions,Incorrect Assembly, failure to comply with the relevant standards on the part of the consumer or the consumer installation is carried out or if the person has been transferred to the intervention of the product other than by an authorised person. They are also excluded from the guarantee errors caused by natural disaster and misuse.

4. In the event of a claim, it is recommended to notify the seller that the product shows a telephone to the consumer and how they occurred. On the basis of this information, it will recommend next steps to deal with consumer complaints.

6. final provisions

1. The seller has the right to invite consumers to products ordered according to the nature of personal inspection and personal collection of product (applies especially to financially more demanding or more demanding in terms of product volume or weight). In these cases, the consumer will be contacted and will be agreed next steps with him. If the consumer has already paid the purchase price, he will be this amount transferred back, unless agreed otherwise.

2. The seller reserves the right to change the prices. Whenchange in the price the seller contacts the consumer. The consumer has the right to cancel the order prices adjusted as follows.

3. The consumer declares that before filling in or notice order get acquainted with these general terms and conditions, and objection procedure and that with them.

Without prejudice to other provisions of the contract, the seller is not responsible for any loss of profits, loss of opportunities to the consumer or any other indirect or consequential loss as a result of negligence, breach of contract or otherwise incurred.

These general terms and conditions have been formulated and provided for, in good faith, for the purpose of the fulfilment of the legal conditions and adjustments to the fair trade relations between the seller and the consumer. In the case where the competent authorities of the Slovak Republic to demonstrate some of the provisions of these terms and conditions as invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions, and the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected by the concerned section.

Rights of the consumer in relation to the seller under the Consumer Protection Act No. 102/2014 Coll., as amended, and the regulations and the Act on consumer protection in doorstep selling and distance selling No 102/2014 of as amended.and regulations, these terms and conditions shall remain unaffected.

Legal terms and conditions are expressly not covered here as well as any disputes arising out of failure to comply with these terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the commercial or civil code.

4. The seller and the consumer to agree to fully recognise the communication at a distance – telephone, fax (including hand standing orders), an electronic form of communication, particularly through electronic mail and Internet network as valid and binding for both parties.

These terms and conditions come into force 01. 09.2013.